Strengthen your corporate identity with National Temporary Fencing Brisbane’s branding solutions.

Our team in Brisbane can quickly supply branding and signage, compatible with our temp fences and barriers, to clients all over Australia.  If you’re unsure whether or not you need to be taking this additional outdoor branding step, here are strong pros.

Publicity – Consumers react and relate to the things they see frequently. Forging a strong brand identity is one of the keys to business success. When erecting a temporary fence, take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your brand in a public space that receives large volumes of pedestrian and automobile traffic.  The more eyes on your brand, the easier your business will be to market. Printed shade cloth and banner mesh make outdoor advertising for Brisbane, and all parts of Australia easy to achieve.

Less expensive than regular ads – Anyone in marketing can tell you advertising is a big chunk of business budget.  Taking advantage of displaying a branding or business logo on temporary fencing is a sensible cost effective way to increase visibility without paying huge advertising fees.  It doesn’t even have to be your own temp fence. 

Often, temporary fences erected in public spaces such as concerts or sporting events, will allow branding signs or even seek to sell space for banner mesh signs for the express purpose of adding excitement and colour to the event. By placing temporary branding on crowd control fencing at a large scale event, you expose your logo to tens of thousands of people. Publicity on that scale usually comes with an astronomical price tag. A mesh banner or printed shade cloth added to barriers is a proven method of achieving publicity.

Safety – Another reason for adding banner mesh signs is safety. If fencing panels are erected in a hazardous zone or construction site, warning signs can be easily and cheaply affixed to warn employees and passersby of danger. Signs can alert trespassers that they’ve strayed into a danger zone or indicate proper safety equipment required to go further.