Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can we hire fencing rather than purchasing it?

National Temporary Fencing only sells temp fences. In the long run, it works out to be much more cost effective this way. Call us and find out why.

Are your prices competitive?

We are the most cost effective supplier of temporary fences throughout Australia. It would be quite a surprise to us if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Can we have our order delivered?

Of course, we expect to deliver most of our orders and strive to do so without delay. We deliver all across Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Because we have a large amount of stock on hand, we can ship as soon as your order is complete and is some cases, you can expect same day delivery.

Is there a limit to the amount of panels that can be purchased?

We maintain such a large stock of panels, we will always have on hand any quantity you require. Call us to see about savings when buying in bulk.

What makes National Temporary Fencing better than other temp fence suppliers?

National Temporary Fencing manufactures all our panels, allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality and keep an abundance of stock available locally. Our panels are manufactured in Australia to strict standards using the latest technologies for outstanding durability and design. We guarantee our prices to be the best and will work very hard to provide top notch customer service.

How quickly can we receive our order?

We keep a large and varied supply of fencing panels in stock at all times. Delivery will be arranged the moment your order is finalised.

What is the level of difficulty for installing the fence panels?

Our fencing panels are designed to be lightweight and extremely easy to install. Never hesitate to ask questions. We will be happy to assist in any way.

I don’t have room to store the fencing panels, what are my options?

National Temporary Fencing has storage locations available around Australia. Contact us to find out more.

Will I receive a better deal if I buy in bulk?

The answer is yes. If you require a large quantity, talk to us to find out what offers we can make.