Temporary Fencing Use

You might be wondering who uses temp fences or bother erecting a temporary fence in the first place? Temporary fencing is necessary for a variety of reasons.

In the construction and mining industries, temp fences are used to surround the work zone for safety and security.  Construction zones and mining operations are considered dangerous for the people trained to work in the environment.  The danger increases exponentially if untrained passersby can wander in and around at will.  Temp fences, required by law in many cases, provide security and keep the possibility of accidents to a minimum.

In some areas, construction may be taking place within a high pedestrian traffic area.  Temp fencing allows the work to proceed safely while at the same time being more visually pleasing than simply roping off the danger zone.  Our large clean hoarding panels can be used to display company logos and branding creating excitement and buzz for a new store or restaurant.

Crowd control presents another situation where temp fences and barriers are used.  Events attended en masse by the public need barriers and fencing to aid in the flow of pedestrian and automobile traffic entering and exiting.  Proper management of moving people from one area to another increases safety for everyone.  By using temp fences and barriers, the configuration can be arranged to suit the event.

The list goes on and on for uses of temp fencing including but not exclusive to Civil Engineering projects, Government, Housing, roads, and more.  National Temporary Fencing promises do our part in your project with the best products and customer service around.  No project is considered too small or too large and we’ll be on hand to help every step of the way.  Call today to discuss requirements and place your order.