At National Temporary Fencing, we are fully aware of the dangers posed by construction zones and understand how to help with securing the site.

Construction zones are dangerous for the workers.  Clearly that danger increases for people who don’t typically work in construction.  For the job to get done in a timely manner, workers need to be able to carry on despite activity in the surrounding area.  National Temporary Fencing recognises the need for safety first in securing the work zone while redirecting pedestrian or automobile traffic.  Our products, years of experience and excellent record of customer service are why we consider ourselves the go-to company for temp fences and barriers.

Product Features

Whatever type temp fence or barrier you require, you can rest assured that we will deliver excellent products.  Our easily installed temp fences and barriers start with panels and accessories designed and manufactured in Australia to meet and exceed safety and durability standards.  Our products are sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions such as strong winds, driving rain, equipment vibrations, sudden shocks or being hit by automobiles.

We strive to consistently provide a product suitable for even the harshest environments along with the very best in customer service.  What you need in the way of temp fencing is important to us.  We consider all jobs important, whether the order is 4 panels or 40.


The personnel at National Temporary Fencing works with leaders in construction, government, mining and event planning and have years of experience in providing what is needed on the double.  We are fully aware that time wasted equals money lost so upon order completion, our staff gets busy with delivery.  Because we keep a large stock ready to go at all times, there won’t be any surprises on our end and you can continue working without delay.