Crowd Control

National Temporary Fencing makes crowd control easy.

Well managed crowd control requires a scientific eye but you can’t leave out the artistic one. Top event planners understand that crowd control needs to be effective but not unsightly or distracting. Providing easy to follow infrastructure and signage is where National Temporary Fencing fits into the big picture.

Functions of Control Barriers

The main function of crowd control barriers is for channeling crowds into and out of the venue safely and effectively. Good control barriers keep traffic moving without too much back up or wait time. The possibility of accidents and injury is greatly decreased when using proper crowd control barriers and fencing panels.

Quality crowd management starts with quality products. Our products are manufactured using only the best materials such as long lasting galvanised steel for strength and long lasting durability. Our fences, barriers and accessories are made in Australia using the latest technologies. Among other reasons for choosing our temp fence solutions are:

  • Eye-catching yellow powdercoat is aesthetically pleasing and gets the attention of pedestrians and drivers.
  • Our custom powdercoat colors create an opportunity for company logos, branding or tailoring equipment to a specific event.
  • Unruly crowds require properly laid out barriers for easier management.
  • Our crowd control barriers can be bolted into the ground if necessary.
  • Our barriers are sturdy enough to withstand tremendous force.

Let National Temporary Fencing take the headache out of crowd management. Call us today to go over our solutions and place your order.