Any event the public attends en masse requires crowd control for safety.

Large events are something most people enjoy but organising a soccer game, festival or concert is not an easy task. Crowds are often excitable or rowdy and properly managing them is of utmost importance. Safety is the number one issue of course. Any large event requires safe management of crowds entering and exiting the venue. That includes the arena or concert hall, the parking lot and the outlying area adjacent to the location. Having the right infrastructure in place enables proper flow creating a much safer environment for everyone.

National Temporary Fencing provides a full range of crowd management control barriers that will help minimise the risk of accidents and injury. Our sturdy products plus years of experience working with event organisers give us the expertise required to supply the correct temp fence solutions for safety and security.

What goes into making our products your best choice?

National Temporary Fencing’s products are superior because we build them ourselves. Designed by top engineers and manufactured in Australia, our products are rigorously tested and inspected for strength and durability.

Our product features include:

  • Yellow powder coated barriers which provide excellent visibility
  • Vustom powder coat can be matched to company identity or branding
  • Ability to add custom banner mesh signs for advertising or information
  • Lightweight water filled barriers set up easily and remain strong and durable while in use but can be moved when necessary without hassle
  • Folding barriers store easily for use in future events
  • Multiple configurations possible with our products and accessories